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The eVALUES project is aimed at providing to sight impaired people, in particular blind and elderly, but also other kind of people with disabilities and barriers to read, a trans-European service -based on Internet- which opens to them the extraordinary possibility of reading and having access to written information (access to textual content) by means of computer-generated synthetic voice (Text-to-Speech), using a PC and/or a portable handheld PDA, and other specific mobile devices for disabled, enabling mobility.


eVALUES information:

The concept of the service is the one of an Internet e-document service (Internet Blind and Sight Impaired Bibliographic Center) through which a blind or sight impaired can select any book or document on-line and download to hear it with an advanced conversion from Text to Speech, with the additional possibility of accessing and downloading the document file into a common PDA or mobility specialised PDA device for enabling the blind to hear the document whereever and at any time.

The trans-European service is currently provided as prototype for documents in different languages by the Unione Italiana dei Ciechi (UIC) in collaboration with Biblioteca di Monza, and supported by:

Voice Systems


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